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Swamp Cooler Maintenance & Service

While swamp coolers are very reliable, they require regular maintenance from a qualified technician. From water line fixes, broken fan belts, to winterization, our team of HVAC contractors is some of the best in the Boulder area. Marmot Heating, Cooling & Plumbing Inc. has built a reputation of unparalleled quality, and we are prepared for every problem that could arise. Call us today to get the best service for your swamp cooler maintenance that anyone in Boulder offers.

Winterization Service for Swamp Coolers in Boulder

As the cold Boulder months approach, having your swamp cooler properly winterized by an HVAC contractor qualified in evaporative cooling maintenance is essential. We will make sure your water supply is fully shut off at the source, and that all of your lines up to the roof and your reservoir are fully dry. Having your system thoroughly dried out is essential not only to prevent freezing damage but also mold and mildew can develop without water circulating. Avoid damage to your Boulder home by having us take care of your winterization process for you.

Maintaining Your Water System in Your Swamp Cooler in Boulder

It is important to have proper maintenance of your swamp coolers water system performed regularly. Without it, hoses can dry out, as well as mineral deposits building up. Marmot Heating, Cooling & Plumbing Inc. in Boulder is the place to call for all evaporative cooling maintenance to ensure your water system is free of any blockages that will reduce the effectiveness and lifespan of your swamp cooler. Make sure you contract the best HVAC craftsman in Boulder to ensure your swamp cooler will stay in service for years to come.

Boulder Swamp Cooler Fan Maintenance

Swamp coolers rely on being able to pull a lot of air through the wet filters, so make sure that your fan is checked regularly. When we provide swamp cooler maintenance service to Boulder properties, we always make sure your motor is well oiled, and the tension belt is in good health. Having an improperly tensioned belt, or a belt that is old and dried out can cause your fan to lose power.


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Marmot Heating, Cooling & Plumbing Inc. takes great pride in offering comprehensive HVAC and plumbing service, including installation, replacement, and repair with 24/7 emergency service. As a family owned business, we value our Boulder, Colorado community, so we do what it takes to provide environmentally friendly HVAC and plumbing services, boasting a county-wide satisfaction guarantee. At Marmot Heating, Cooling & Plumbing Inc., you’re our neighbor first and customer second, so contact us today to speak with a plumbing or HVAC specialist.

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